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When selecting a marketing package you have the option to choose between the following marketing and/or design services depending on your needs.

Get unlimited:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Brand Strategy
    and/or Email Marketing 

Request a host of different services like:

  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Social media management
  • Email design
  • Marketing campaign creation
  • Website management
  • Video editing
  • Analytics reporting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Brand strategy

Yes. All payments are made via Stripe’s secure payment gateway. Your credit card or account details are never stored on our end, whatsoever.

It depends on how complex your website is, and how much you have prepared beforehand. Simple builds up to 10-15 pages can be done in 3 months with graphic assets, framework or wireframe, form requirements and language/content provided in advance. Ideally you will also have filled out both service request forms beforehand. The less you have prepared, the longer it will take.

I always suggest you come with examples in mind of other websites that you have seen and liked, or would like to emulate.

In addition to a URL (or domain) you should already have a hosting provider in mind and a plan, with email services, purchased . I am confident in recommending any one of these hosting plans.

I can source these things and invoice you, but know that all costs associated will have to be paid in addition to your monthly subscription. (One-time setup fee of $199)

You own the completed website in its entirety and all costs for hosting, domains, server space, email, or plugins fall to you. We only ask permission to display the project.

We’re happy to become your permanent provider of website maintenance and support for only $499 per month. You can also include unlimited graphic design services or email marketing as well. Build a custom month-to-month package.

All sites are designed with a mobile-first attitude because the majority of users engage the web using their mobile devices.

All builds are centered around a responsive approach and include usability on various browsers and devices.

As an expert in the industry typically the client (you) provides text, images, and page titles for the website, along with any other content. However, if you need copy-writing services I am happy to write content for your website, but understand, it will take longer than if the content was prepared beforehand.

Based on the scope of your project, and your needs, different content management systems may be used. If your project is simple, we can offer to use web-based software like WordPress to facilitate your ease of access.

More complex websites will be built on a more customized CMS, and if your project includes point of sale purchasing, additional plugins and integrations may be necessary.

First I need to know exactly what you are looking for. Logos? Mailers? Banners? I need specifications. If at all possible please provide similar projects that will show your vision and fill out this service request form. (Please note: I do not print, manufacture or ship any products, I only design the artwork.)

After you fill out a short brief, and initial design concepts have been presented we can hone in on overall direction. You will then be presented a final refined concept and we can adjust with minor final tweaks and edits. The completed project files and assets will be shared with you via email or file sharing service.

Detailed information that you provide during the initial discovery conversations will help speed up the process. It helps to know every detail, but I recognize that sometimes it is easier to share what you may not be looking for in a piece.

The most important input is always the design brief outlined by you. It will provide an understanding of your requirements, target audience, and the purpose of your design, in addition to how you intend to use it. Without all those details already ironed out, spending time consulting can extend the time it takes to complete your project.

We can provide you with nearly any common filetype you need including working files such as: .INDD .PSD .AI, .EPS, .SVG and .PDF files. For most print, digital and image files, you will receive .JPG, .PNG and .PDF files for final use.

All artwork is your property upon receipt of payment for work completed.