What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides the greatest Return on investment

You may receive hundreds of emails per day and delete, archive, or ignore 98% of them.

That doesn’t mean email doesn’t work.

Email marketing is profitable. You may expect a return on investment of about $35 for every $1 spent on email marketing, if it’s done right.

That’s a better return than you’ll get from any other type of marketing, digital or not. While there are numerous advantages to email marketing for small businesses, it is the return on investment that keeps you in business.


How does email marketing work?

Your digital marketing approach should include email as a crucial component. It’s like leaving money on the table if you don’t use email marketing.

A customer journey is strengthened by implementing a proper email marketing funnel. It demonstrates how your subscribers progress from being aware of your brand to making a purchase and finally becoming brand supporters.

With this knowledge, you can anticipate your subscribers’ demands and send them the appropriate email content at the appropriate time.

In other words, an email marketing funnel ensures that you don’t put the wagon ahead of the horse while communicating with your audience via email.

Five stages of a typical email marketing funnel:

1. Brand Awareness
2. Initial Consideration
3. Conversion
4. Loyalty
5. Advocacy