What is Graphic Design?

You can't escape graphic design

Graphic design is all around you, just look around. Logos, billboards, car wraps, stop signs. Book covers, web pages, app icons and business cards. Each of these things was meticulously visually designed to be useful and convey information to the viewer.

Anything and everything can be designed to be visually useful. Graphic design is not just the act of sketching, or drawing. Graphic design is about designing a human-visual interface in both the digital and physical spaces.

Some of the most common marketing pieces associated with print-focused graphic design are brochures, flyers, large format prints and of course logos.

More familiar digital executions of graphic design include website landing pages, emails, social media graphics and animations.

Video and cinema are digital mediums which include some graphic design principles, but are ultimately art forms of their own and are not included in our Graphic Design package.

What is Brand Strategy?

Typically, graphic design considerations are made in line with a company’s overall marketing strategy. A marketing strategy should include a breakdown of the target audience, a comprehensive list of viable marketing channels, and among other things, the strategy to effectively distribute messaging to your target audience.

Brand strategy includes the brand’s objective (not the company’s objective), its consumer promises, and how they’re presented.

A branding strategy is not your logo, color palette, or website, despite the fact that these creative components are essential to a successful branding plan.

All of the intangible components that create brand recognition, brand equity, and brand sentiment over time are fundamental to a branding strategy. This includes the customer service experience, the interaction with the company on social media, and the overall digital and physical presence of the company.